Discover the know-how of a craftsman saddler or each piece is unique.

The know-how is a dream, a masterpiece, a unique piece. Each piece of Virgile Cazals is the result of an uncompromising work, meticulous, a unique know-how, as well as an exeptional craftsmanship. From the famous Camargue saddle to the amazing English saddle our workshop perfects its work around the world since 2010.

Enter and explore the world of saddlery and leather goods of luxury and excellence.

The rule is easy all this time Virgile Cazals has kept in mind the need to constantly create and he kept the knowledge of his ancestors, knowledge that transcends time, making each piece or masterpiece a dream that comes true.

Making a saddle Camargue

A saddle, a handbag, a belt, is and and will remain a piece of art and luxury beyond compare.

Enter this art and luxury world and come to discover the know-how of Virgile Cazals.

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  • 435 Rue Des Marchands
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