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It was in 2010 that Cazals Virgile found his upmarket saddlery workshop.

At first, Virgile moved to Cailar then a year later in 2011 he acquired premises situated in Aigues-Mortes and made it a special place entirely decated to horses.

In 2011, he met Jean-Louis GUNTZ, Master Horseman from Cadre Noir de Saumur, a retired internationnally renowned horseman and also Jean-Luc Parisot, Military Saddler at the Cavalry School of Saumur and Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

These men are two important person who will advise Virgile in his career choices.

He has received specialised training in English saddle manufacture at Haras Nationaux of La Roche/Yon along with Michel Charrier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

It was only in 2012 that Virgile decided to create his own dressage saddles and jumping saddles in addition to its Camargue saddles.

The workshop opened in 2011, has already gained an international reputation and has become a meeting place for both amamteurs and professionals. Camargue Guardian and trainers come together and share their experiences here.

The work of the saddle in terms of comfort, durability, aesthetics and technicality make them different to all other saddles. All our models are subject to continuous evolution of its investment in the staff and its professional riders.

All our equipment combine comfort for the horse and the rider, while allowing the couple to be as efficient as possible in any discipline.

The design of our equipment focus on the distribution of natural forces on the whole area and the « contact zone » to removing the maximum pressure point on the back horse, allowing the rider to come to saddle behind the shoulder of his/her horse. This allows the horse to expand its withers and its dorsal line, better engaging its hind legs with a beter feel for their rider.

The saddle combine the best French leathers, saddletrees in wood as, high density foams and wool for the comfort of the rider and horse, as well as luxurious buckles.

All these materials are associated with a unique specialisation (From 'The Best Artisan of the Gad Department in 2012 and the first » TPE favorite of the Jury for the final of TPE in 2012).

Everything is entirely handmade making our saddlery one of the most reliable producers in France and allows both the horse/rider to better express themselves.

In 2013, the workshop takes on a new dimension since Virgile Cazals created his collection of luxury leather goods. All handmade, from cutting of leather to sewing, each piece of the workshop is unique. Every detail is made with a unique and exceptional know how. Using the best French and luxurious leather Virgile Cazals ensures that each piece rigorously respects the quality charter as your piece becomes a true masterpiece.

« This is why I lend my name to this product. I am sure of the high quality of my work and I am proud of its unique style ».

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